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Re-Open Oil Wells


We look at wells that are inexpensive and fast to re-open as well as being profitable.
We try to make these projects return a partner`s money in 2 years or less.
Re-opening old wells can be very lucrative.
There are never any guarantees as to how much oil will come up, how fast and for how long.

Old wells stopped producing for a number of reasons including:

  1. The oil ran out.
  2. Mechanical problems that can be corrected with new technologies.
  3. Manager`s incompetence.
  4. Managers ran out of money.
  5. Price of oil years ago did not justify producing.
  6. Investment fraud. Owners sell portions to investors with no intent of operating the wells. They figure they can make more money faster, by selling 200 to 400% of the well, rather than operate it properly.

Many old wells can be re-opened and produced profitably because of advances in technology and the higher price of oil today, compared with 20 years ago.
We mainly look for wells that experienced incompetence or fraud.
We analyze old records, geological reports, old well logs and any data that we can find to make a determination on whether to re-open an old well.
We want to know that there is oil or gas before we spend the time and money to re-open.
Buying into a Re-open project can provide returns of 50-100% per year. There are never any guarantees as to how much oil, if any, will come up, how fast and for how long.
Cost to re-open can be from $5,000 to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Minc Oil Co., LLC
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